My experience with push notifications!

How to SAVE your push base

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Push notifications are messages that are received by people who have subscribed to certain push notification services.

Here is an example:

push notifications

If a person is interested in this offer, then it can click on the ad and read it.
So, if you work in affiliate marketing and want to promote various products through push notifications, but you do not want to overspend on clicks in push networks, then you should think about creating your own push data base.

Back to my experience, I offered a subscription for my newsletter on the following landing page:


After a person signs up, he becomes a subscriber to our data base and we can send him notifications every day. We can send notifications for various products.


How to collect your push base

I will write everything step by step.
Step 1. Domain.

We need a domain on which the landing page with the subscription will be located. This domain must be located in the https (for this, buy ssl-certificates). On this domain you must place the landing page.

Step 2. Service for collecting pushes
I work with In order for the subscribe button to work on the domain, you need to do the following steps:



Having done this, you will get a full-fledged working site. You just have to send traffic to it.

Step 3. Buying traffic

I purchase the cheapest type of traffic – clicker and popunder. In this case, 1 subscription to my landing costs me 6 cents. Subscription price depends on geography.

Step 4. Send advertising push

I have adult traffic, so I send people links to BH offers. I send 2-3 notifications every day.

If you are interested in working with push notifications and have questions, feel free to ask me.


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