How to recover your Facebook advertising account

How to recover an advertising account

This method is a bug and will soon stop working. Usually we file an appeal against the blocking of an advertising account through a form.

After which we receive a ticket with a response from support, in which the final decision is made to block or unblock the blocked account. Using the new quality control panel, you can request the review of certain campaigns and ads with violations many times. So far, this functionality has absolutely nothing to do with it, but it has managed to come across a loophole.After making the final decision to block or unblock a blocked account.

After the advertisement has been checked in the “Account Quality” section and after blocking the advertising account, it is possible to restore the account lockout in an already familiar form. So far, as usual.

You can send an ad for review in the “Account Quality” section, after which you will again be able to request an exemption through the form

Very often, with a second appeal, the accounts are returned. So try it.

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