How to farm Facebook accounts from mobile phones

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If your accounts get banned, then you should take a closer look at this method of farming accounts on Facebook.

Step 1. Buying Phones

Facebook is much less likely to ban accounts that were created through iPhone. therefore, I advise you to use iPhone.
We also need to buy a lot of SIM cards, because we must use 1 sim card only for 1 account. The same sim card should not be used to create multiple accounts.

Step 2. Setup

Clean your phone to factory settings. Disable geolocation on the device either during the initial setup, or later in the Geolocation / Location settings.

Step 3. Install Facebook

Everything is simple here. Come on, Install Facebook ^_^

Step 4. Sign up Facebook Accounts

To sign up a new account, we must use a new sim card.
We create a female account, fill it with information. We write posts, join groups.
We also add new photos.
We start adding people to friends. No more than 50 contacts per day.
So we work 3-4 days.

Step 5. Create an ad

Creating product groups (fan page). The group name must not contain prohibited names.
Next, go to facebook ads and create ads.


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