Getting started on facebook Ad

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To get started with Facebook ad, you’ll need to:

Antidetect browsers;
Mobile proxies;


You have several options: to farm (create accounts, yourself), buy accounts, use outsource service, for example you can hire farmers (as russian affilaites do)

As for farming facebook accounts, you you should decide for yourself which farming strategy you choose: long-term or short-term. If you work with with nutrition offers, then it makes no sense to farm for a long time.
On average, accounts farm from one week to 2 weeks. We will talk about how to do this below.

Regarding to purchasing accounts: there is no point to buy accounts with high price. They don’t worth that. Also, there is no such stuff like a “facebook advertising account”. It’s scam

There are many account sellers right now. Prices start from a few cents to several hundred dollars for 1 account. I would recommend that you test several sellers and choose the one that suits you.

Antidetect browsers

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to farm accounts from your browser. Facebook bans not only an account, but it bans your hardware, ip, etc. .. That is why you will not be able to exit your blocked account and start farming a new account again on the same computer.

There are many browsers on the market that allow you to remove fingerprints, change user agents, cookies for each account and proxy. Of the most famous: Multilogin, Sphere, Indigo, Spy. All of them are paid, but the multilogin has a free version in which you can create and maintain up to 10 accounts at a time. You can take it to start.

Mobile proxies

To work with Facebook, it is preferable to use mobile proxies. They are banned less, they live longer.
Also keep in mind that 1 proxy – 1 Facebook account. To get started, you can distribute the Internet through your phone

Payment system

Work only with cards. They are more trust for facebook. If Facebook bans your advertising account, as well as a payment card, then you will need to draw up another 1 card.
Because you can be blocked if you indicate the same card that you worked with earlier.


Remember that 1 domain should be used only once (on one Facebook account). Do not reuse a domain if it has already been specified somewhere.
Buy domains yourself, do not work with affiliate links.
If you don’t have the opportunity to buy a domain, you can work with a free platform WIX


Required Reading

1 account – 1 payment card.
1 account – 1 domain
1 account – 1 proxy
Do not use affiliate links
Do not go directly to the advertising office
Do not create more than 1 campaign on your account until you pass the first billing. Even if you have a bad ROI.
Do not stop the campaign often on an account with less than one billing turned off. Do not edit such campaigns often.
Do a minimum of actions in the advertising panel.
Do not forget to publish posts on your Facebook page. Fill in a fan page, write posts, add as friends, etc.

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