BH offers + Facebook ads (3 main mistakes)

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If you work with BH offers (gambling, nutrution offers and other) you should know  some principles , which can help you with Facebook ads.

It’s so simple , but a lot of people don’t know its.

using links from affiliate networks

Lol , I know people , who using affiliate links and always facing banned accounts.. There are crazy people!

  1. Imagine this situation:
    Several people use the same link from an affiliate networks. One of the accounts is banned, and accordingly – the domain is banned. And those remaining people who use this domain for promotion also receive a ban from Facebook. So use your own domains!
  2. Facebook bans the  BH-offers, so when Fb sees that there is a BH-product on your landing page, it will ban your campaign. So use cloaking!


Too aggressive creatives

Facebook tests your creatives with artificial intelligence
facebook use artificial intelligence to check your video and images which you are using to promote. When Facebook AI notice something innapropriate it will stop all your campaigns and use banhummer. So better option will be use intimation like :
1. use a photo of a cucumber to advertise a penis enlarger.
2. Or change the original page.

Age targeting

If you are working with products with an with a wide audience of 35+, then do not forget to indicate this age in the targeting settings.You should always know what your target audience is.

You should always know what your potential buyer looks like.
When choosing an offer, always represent him and his interests. This will help you narrow your targeting and lower your purchase price.


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