7 ways to work with Facebook ads more efficiently!

In this article, I’ll give you 7 tips for setting up Facebook ads effectively. Perhaps some advice may seem commonplace, but this does not negate the fact that they are effective.

1. Facebook’s Power 5

Many advertisers create Facebook ads manually. This is time-consuming . If you work with many advertising accounts or with large budgets, then you should look at Facebook’s Power 5

facebook ads

Facebook Power 5 is an automatic platform that allows you to customize your ads more efficiently. She sets up ads for you. You can read successful cases on this site.

2. Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads

When creating ads, links to the site are often used. You can specify a link to the transition in the messages. It looks like this:


This type of advertising is the cheapest and quite effective.

3. Use Instagram Story Placements

Instagram stories are efficient channel, since a very large number of people use Instagram in everyday life. Also, such placement is one of the cheapest, which will also reduce the cost of your advertising. Do not forget that such advertising should be optimized for story. That is, it should be vertical and there should be a call to open the advertised page.

4. Use Dynamic Creative

Use dynamic creatives to figure out which creative is most effective. After the analysis, you can remove ineffective creatives, leaving effective ones.

5. Optimize your company budget

That sounds silly, maybe. After reading this sentence, you can say “this is so obvious.”
If you’ve worked with Facebook’s Power 5, you should know that it has the ability to track your budget automatically. Artificial intelligence sees which ads are effective and which are not. He also sees in which campaigns it is better to reduce the budget. And does it. For you. Wow.

6. Track your competitors

This can be done through your competitors’ ad library. I’ll leave a link to it here.


This will let you know what budget the company spent, in which countries it is located and what creatives it uses.

7. Use retargeting (remarketing) in Facebook Messenger

Use remarketing in your posts to get as many leads as possible.
Send your potential customers promotional offers inside messages that only they can see.


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