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The affiliate program m4leads.com for for dorvey.com subscribers has collected 5 common myths about actions which can cause issues with running campaigns, but actually not

myth 1. Phone number

You can add a phone number that is already in use on another account to your new Facebook social profile.
On Facebook, it is not possible to register a profile on a phone number that has already been added to another account. However, when registering a profile via email, you can link to your account a phone number already added to another social profile. In this case, facebook sends a notification that the phone number used in your social account is now linked to another account. It is important that re-adding the already used number to the new account (in other fb profiles) will not entail bans and other restrictions on the advertising activity of the account, even in the case of unpaid billing.


Any restriction of advertising activity, whether it’s a ban on an advertising account, a business manager, etc., does not mean that Facebook bans a card. One card can be used on different advertising offices and Business managers of different social profiles. Except in those rare cases when fb itself displays a notification that the card can no longer be used to pay for advertising.
By the way, as payments are made, fb increases the limit of accounts to which you can attach this card. Changing cards on one advertising account and adding new cards to the Business Manager does not entail penalties in the form of bans and other restrictions.

 myth 3. Multi-accounting

Quality hacked accounts are always in use, however it is important to have good trust accounts of your own farm in stock. You can safely add dozens of business managers to such accounts, turn off ads, then remove yourself from BM administrators and add new business managers.

 myth 4. necessity of using proxy and changing desktop pc

Usually people don’t use 1 IP it everyday life. They use 2 gadgets – mobile phone and laptop (or PC). Moreover, they don’t worry about their IP. They are using any free wi fi spot, for example, underground, cafe, restaraunt. Main requirement for them is internet. One laptop or PC can’t influence for account life and don’t affect on trust. It’s proven by our inhouse mediabuyer team

myth 5. There is no way to return an advertising account

If your ad account has been blocked and you see this message:

then file on appeal. As practice shows, in 50% of cases, accounts are returned.


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